Letter to Your Friend Describing Your University Hostel Life

Dear Tony,

I can hardly believe it, but I've been in Savar for a whole month now! I promised to keep you updated, so here's how things are going. When I first arrived, it was a bit tough adjusting to the slower pace of life here. But now, I'm starting to relax and feel like I belong. The University Campus here is amazing – it's huge, full of lush greenery, and probably the best one in the whole country. It's truly fantastic.

The students and teachers are incredibly friendly and always ready to help, which has been my first impression of them. And let me tell you, the library here is fantastic. I'm staying in a dormitory, and being a resident student is quite different from the comfort of home. But I'm getting used to it and adapting.

It's a bit sad being away from Dhaka, especially in such a peaceful and beautiful place like this campus. I have a class coming up, so I need to wrap up. I really miss you a lot. Please find time to write back whenever you can.

Sending you lots of love and best wishes,
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