Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

Dear Shuvo,

I hope you're doing well. I've got some cool stuff to share with you. Last week, my uncle took us to Bagerhat, and I got to see the amazing 'Sixty Dome Mosque,' which is one of Bangladesh's most beautiful buildings.

The mosque was made by Khan Jahan Ali. It's standing on sixty pillars, even though its name suggests seventy-seven domes. The walls are really thick, about two meters! Inside, the western wall has pretty designs of clay flowers and leaves.

There's also a big lake called a 'dighi.' People say that before they made the lake, they had a horse run, and where it stopped, they measured that distance to make the lake. They called it 'Ghora dighi.' Oh, and there are lots of crocodiles in the lake too!

Honestly, the whole trip was super exciting and something I'll always remember.

Take care,
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