Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Study Tour You Recently Enjoyed

Dear Nasim,

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to share with you about the picnic we had last week at the Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat. It was a really nice experience.

Before we went on the trip, we got everything ready the day before. We made sure we had all the things we needed. Then, we took a bus from Kushtia town to reach the mosque. The bus ride was smooth, and we got there earlier than we expected.

Once we arrived, we explored the Shat Gambuj Mosque and the areas around it. Since we had brought cooked food with us, we didn't need to cook there. I really liked the place and had a great time. The mosque is huge and beautiful, and it's decorated nicely. The surroundings are also very pretty.

After enjoying ourselves for more than five hours, we headed back home in the evening. This picnic left a strong impression on my mind and helped break the routine of everyday life.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Warm regards,
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