Letter to Your Younger Brother Advising to Improve His Study Plan

Dear Enamul,

Hope this letter finds you well. I just got your letter and wanted to talk about your upcoming exams. I know they're right around the corner and I'm quite worried about how you're preparing. How's your studying going? I have a suggestion that might help you out. How about making a plan for each day? Divide the time you have left for each subject. And for English, try to practice by writing down one main question and two smaller ones every day. This will help you remember better, especially because foreign languages can be tricky to keep in mind.

Another thing you could do is work on five math problems each day. The important thing is to stick to your schedule and keep an eye on the time. By the way, when it comes to studying, I think focusing more on writing practice than reading is a good idea. After all, exams usually involve writing.

I really believe you should use your time wisely and avoid any unnecessary delays. We're all hoping for a fantastic result in your HSC exams. Just remember, don't stay up too late at night. That's all for now. Sending you the best of luck!

Warm regards,

Your caring brother,
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