Letter to Your Younger Brother Asking Him to Be Disciplined and Regular in His Daily Life

Dear Sohel,

Hope you're doing well! Your letter made me happy today. I read that you're feeling scared about the upcoming exam. I want to tell you, don't worry too much. If you stay calm, you'll notice that you'll start feeling better and more confident. You mentioned that you've been studying well, which is great!

Remember, your Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) result is important for your future. To have a healthy life, it's important to keep a regular routine and do some physical activities. Also, keep in mind that achieving things usually requires putting in a lot of effort. You're a good kid, no doubt about that, but doing well in exams takes some extra effort.

A good student still finds time to watch TV and play games, alongside studying. It seems like you're working hard to do well in all your subjects. If you continue using your time wisely, you'll definitely see good results. That's all for today.

Best wishes,
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