Write a letter to your pen-friend about your school

Dear Mabrur,

Hope this letter finds you well. I got your letter and the picture of your school, thanks for sending that. You asked me to tell you about my school, so here's all about it.

My school is in Islampur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's a three-story building that looks like the letter 'U'. There are two parts of the school day - one for girls in the morning and one for boys during the day. What's cool is that our school is near the Buriganga river, so we have a nice natural setting that's peaceful and far from the busy city noise.

We have a big open space where we play games like football, cricket, and hockey. There's also a pretty flower garden with lots of different plants and trees right in front of the main building, making our school look really nice. On one side of the school, there's something called the 'Shaheed Minar' which is a special place to remember the people who fought for our language. We put flowers there on International Mother Language Day.

Around three thousand students study in our school, and we have sixty teachers who teach us different subjects. Our school is pretty famous in our area for things we do outside of regular classes. Personally, I enjoy participating in debates and I've won some prizes for that.

By the way, I'm really curious about your school in Japan. Could you share some details about it? I'd love to know.

Take care and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,
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