Composition Writing: Computer

Introduction: Nowadays, we live in a time where science and technology are really important. Science has made a lot of incredible things, and one of them is the computer. The computer has changed our lives in many different ways, kind of like a magical tool.

History: The computer didn't just appear overnight. It took a long time for people to figure out how to make it. Back in 1642, a person named Pascal had the idea of a 'Digital Calculating System'. Then, an American named Mr. Howard Akin made a machine that could do really hard math. After that, they made more modern computers like EDSAC in 1945 and ENTANCE in 1946.

Kinds of computer: Computers mainly come in two types: mode-based and mathematical-based. The newer kind is mathematical-based and they're called digital computers. They come in different shapes like desktop computers, laptops, palmtops, and supercomputers.

Major components of a computer: A desktop computer is made up of a few main parts: the monitor (the screen you look at), the CPU (the brain of the computer), the mouse (to move things), and the keyboard (to type). A computer does three main things: it gets data, does stuff with the data, and shows the results.

Usefulness: In today's world, computers are really important in our everyday life. We can't go a single moment without them. They're a necessary part of what we do every day. They make things easier and reduce the amount of work we have to do. Computers are used in lots of areas like technology, education, medicine, farming, trade, business, printing, banking, space, and government. They help make new inventions, communication, online government, online banking, digital education, and more. Even medicine and foreign relations depend on computers. Many people have jobs related to computers, like making software and hardware. The government of Bangladesh wants to make a 'Digital Bangladesh' by improving computer technology.

Conclusion: Computers are really important for modern life. The idea of making a 'Digital Bangladesh' will help more people learn about computers. It won't be long before computers are a big part of everything we do.
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