Composition Writing: The season I like most

I really love spring, it's my favorite time of the year. It's the nicest season in Bangladesh, and everyone likes it too. Spring brings lots of beautiful and nice things. People call it the queen of seasons because it's so attractive.

Spring happens in the Bangla months of Falgoon and Chaitra. It comes after winter is over, and that's when the Bangla New Year starts.

I like spring for a bunch of reasons. Summer is too hot, and it makes people uncomfortable. When it rains a lot, the roads get all muddy and full of water, so it's hard to get around. Even in the fall and late fall, these problems don't completely go away. In winter, it's super cold, and there's fog all over the place. People who don't have warm clothes suffer a lot, especially poor folks and kids. But spring doesn't have any of these issues.

When winter is done, spring comes and it looks so lovely. The fields and meadows turn green, and flowers start to grow on trees. It's the time when birds sing a lot from the new leaves. We can hear the nice songs of the cuckoo bird. Bees are busy getting honey, and a gentle breeze blows, making everything seem alive and happy. Mango, blackberry, and lychee trees start to get buds. Farmers also plant the seeds for rice and jute. There are country fairs on different occasions.

Spring only sticks around for two months, but it really affects everyone's feelings and mood. It leaves a strong memory in my mind, and I can't forget how it makes me feel all year long.
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