Write a letter to friend describing bad effects of climate change

Dear Sharda,

Hello! I got your letter last week where you asked me to explain global warming. So, in this letter, I'll tell you about it in a simpler way.

Global warming means the Earth's temperature getting higher. When it gets too hot, it can be bad for people and everything on our planet. This happens because of something called the "greenhouse effect." Imagine a greenhouse for plants – it traps heat. The same thing happens with certain gases in our atmosphere. The main gas that causes this is carbon dioxide.

The greenhouse effect also makes a hole in the part of the sky that protects us from the sun's harmful rays. Industries, which are places where things are made, are a big reason for global warming. They need land, which often comes from cutting down forests. This is the first reason. Then, when industries make things, they create a lot of pollution. This pollution is not good for the air we breathe. Also, the waste from industries is harmful to the soil and air.

People also cut down many trees for things like wood, furniture, and firewood. But when they do this, the Earth can't change carbon dioxide into oxygen as well. And that's not good because too much carbon dioxide in the air makes the Earth hotter. The hole in the sky also causes problems like skin diseases.

So, it's important to tell people not to cut down trees. We should also try to plant more trees whenever we can. Let's catch up more in the next letter. Send my greetings to your sister, and please give my respectful regards to your parents.

Take care,
Your Friend
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