Write a letter to your Foreign friend telling him about the national days of Bangladesh

Dear Shovon,

Hey there! How are you doing? I'm pretty good on my end. I remember you were curious about the special days we celebrate in Bangladesh. Well, I'm here to fill you in on that. In our country, we have some important national days that people get all excited about. Let me tell you about them.

First off, there's this thing called the Bengali New Year, which falls on the first day of Baishakh. It's a big deal for us, and we celebrate it with a lot of joy in both the cities and the villages. The highlight of this day is something called "Panta Bhat" (that's rice soaked in water) and "Hilsha Fish." Yummy, right?

Then there's Pahela Falgoon, which is basically the first day of spring. We celebrate this day all across the country with lots of colorful and traditional activities. It's a fun time for everyone.

Now, here's a day that's really close to our hearts. On the 21st of February each year, we honor and remember the brave people who stood up for our language in the year 1952. It's a way for us to show respect and love for those who made sure our language is preserved.

Moving on to March 26th, that's when we officially declared our independence from Pakistan back in 1971. It was the start of a nine-month-long struggle for our freedom. And finally, on December 16th, after all that hard work and fighting, we achieved victory over the Pakistani forces. That was the day when they surrendered to our freedom fighters, and we became an independent nation.

That's the scoop on our national days, my friend. I hope you found this information interesting. Remember to take good care of yourself, and please send my warm regards to your parents.

Stay awesome!

Sending you lots of love,
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