Write a letter to your friend describing your school.

Dear Shovon,

Hi there! How are you doing? I hope you're great. I remember in your last letter you asked me about my school, so I thought I'd share some cool stuff about it. My school's name is Saint Gregory High School, and it's located in Kotwali Thana, which is a part of Dhaka district.

You know what's interesting? There are about a thousand students in my school, and we have twenty teachers who help us learn all sorts of things. There are around 30 rooms in the school building. Most of these rooms are used for classes - we have seventeen of those. Then there's one room where the teachers hang out, and another special room where the Head Teacher takes care of school stuff.

You'd be happy to know that our school's students do really well in their studies. The teachers are awesome - they're super friendly and always ready to help us out. They're also really smart because they've studied a lot themselves. Learning from them is fun because they teach with a lot of excitement.

You won't believe how lucky we are! Our school has this big playground right in front of it. I absolutely love it. I get to play with my friends, run around, and have a blast during recess.

Okay, I'll stop here for today. You take good care of yourself, alright? And please send my warm regards to your parents.

Your buddy,
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