Write an e-mail to the Union Parishad Chairman for repairing the damaged roads

To: office@ghorshalunion.com
From: Rashid <mrashid1999@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015; 9:33 am
Subject: Request for Fixing Village Roads


I live in Narayanpur village in Ghorshal Union, Jhenaidah district. Our village roads got messed up by a big flood recently. I'm writing to ask for help to repair them.

When the flood happened, it really messed up the main road in our village. The water is still sticking around on the road, making it tough for us to walk or go anywhere. This is a big problem for our students and everyone who lives here. People slip and fall because of the damage, and they also get wet.

I'm hoping you can do something about this. It would be so great if you could fix the main road first. Then we could all move around our village a lot more easily. All of us who live in Narayanpur would be really thankful if you could make this happen.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help us out.


Md. Abdur Rashid
Representing the people of Narayanpur
Ghorshal Union, Jhenaidah
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