Write an e-mail to your headmaster for increasing common room facilities.

**To:** Principal,
**From:** [Your Name],
**Sent:** [Date and Time],
**Subject:** Request to Improve Common Room Facilities

Dear Principal,

I am writing to bring to your attention a concern we have regarding our school's common room. As students, we find that the current state of the common room does not meet our needs adequately.

Our common room lacks proper facilities that would make it a comfortable and enjoyable space for us. It is not spacious enough to accommodate the growing number of students, and the furnishings are outdated. We are missing essential amenities such as a TV, newspapers, and magazines that could keep us informed and entertained during our leisure time.

Additionally, there is a dearth of indoor sports equipment, which hampers our ability to engage in recreational activities during breaks. Furthermore, the absence of an internet connection in the common room makes it challenging for us to stay connected with the changing world and utilize online resources.

In light of these circumstances, we kindly request your assistance in improving the common room facilities. By enhancing the space, furnishing it appropriately, and providing access to modern amenities like newspapers, magazines, and indoor sports equipment, you would significantly contribute to creating a more conducive environment for our learning and leisure.

We appreciate your consideration of this matter and eagerly anticipate a positive response. Thank you for your attention to our request.

[Your Name]
Class: [Your Class],
Roll Number: [Your Roll Number]
On behalf of the students of [School Name]
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