Application to the Principal for Setting up an English Debating Club


The Principal,
ABC College,

Dear Sir,

We want to tell you that our college is well-known and respected in our country. Every year, our college team takes part in various English competitions organized by TV channels and other educational institutions. We perform satisfactorily, but we miss the top spot because we lack the opportunity to practice public speaking.

Debates are an effective way for students to learn how to speak confidently using logical arguments. They also help students improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills, shaping them into skilled orators and future leaders.

Unfortunately, our college lacks an English Debating Club to organize competitions and provide a platform for practicing debates. If we had such a club, our college could perform much better in various competitions.

So, we kindly request you to take the necessary steps to establish an English Debating Club in our college, fulfilling our long-standing wish.

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