Letter to Your Friend Describing Your University Hostel Life.

Dear Nabeel,

I can hardly believe it's already been a whole month since I arrived in Savar! I promised I'd keep you updated on how things are going, so here's the scoop. When I first got here, I found it quite tough to adjust to the slower pace of life. But now, I'm starting to get the hang of it and feel more comfortable. The University Campus is something else – it's like a big, lush green paradise. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how stunning it is!

The campus is huge, green all around, and easily one of the best in the country. I've been pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful the students and teachers are here. Oh, and the library is fantastic! As for where I'm staying, I'm in one of the university dorms. Being a resident student is a whole new experience, especially if you're used to all the comforts of home.

I'm gradually getting used to it though. Sometimes I do miss Lahore, especially in such a peaceful place like this campus. Unfortunately, I have a class coming up soon, so I need to wrap this up. I really miss you a lot. Whenever you find a moment, do drop me a line.

Sending you lots of love and warm wishes,

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