Letter to Your Younger Brother Suggesting to Choose His Aim in Life.

Dear Moiz,

Hope you're doing well. I got your letter and was really happy to hear that you got a GPA-5 in your final exams. That's awesome! But you didn't mention what you're planning to do next, and that's really important.

You see, having a plan is like having a map for your future. Just like we need directions to go somewhere new, having a plan helps us know where we want to go in life. So, I think it's a good idea for you to think about what you want to do.

Start by thinking about what you enjoy and what interests you the most. Nowadays, getting into the department you want can be a bit tough because there are many smart students competing for the same spots. Sometimes even students who did really well like you last year might not get the subjects they want. So, it's smart to have a backup plan too.

I want to suggest something helpful. Why not talk to Professor Zaman? He's a friend of Dad's, and he might have some good advice for you. It's always good to get ideas from people who know about these things. 

By the way, Rita is also doing great. She got the first position in her exams. So, things are going well here.

Write back to me soon and let me know what you're thinking. I'm here to help if you need anything. Take care and good luck with your plans!

Your Big Sister,
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