write a letter to your uncle thanking him for spending holidays with him.

Dear Uncle,

I hope this letter finds you well. I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner. After I came back from Islamabad, I got caught up in various things, which is why it took me a while to reach out. I'm really sorry about that.

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you did during my holidays. Your kindness, hospitality, and taking me around the town meant a lot to me. I truly enjoyed my time at your home, and I will always remember how warmly you treated me. I especially want to thank you for arranging the ride back to Lahore with your driver. We reached Lahore just before it got dark. Your driver is truly amazing. Even though there were a few scary moments during the journey, it was definitely better than traveling by bus.

As the holiday is coming to an end, I'll be returning to college next Thursday. I also wanted to let you know that Tahira and Bushra were really happy with the gifts you sent them. They asked me to pass on their big thanks to you. Mama and Papa also send their love.

Take care for now, and thank you once again for your kindness.

With affection,
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