The Basic Composition of A Robot

Lots of books have a step-by-step beginning, but let's just look at a basic list:

1. **Robot Mover:** This is the part that helps the robot do things with the world outside. It has a motor (like a fast motor, a stop-and-go motor, or a special motor) and also some mechanical parts (like gears, belts, or levers) that make the robot move and do stuff.
2. **Control System:** This includes the stuff that tells the robot how to use the mover. It's like a circuit and special computer programs that tell the mover what to do.

3. **Feeling System:** This helps the robot learn about itself and what's around it. It has things like touch sensors, light sensors, heat sensors, and sensors that can sense things far away. All these sensors help the robot know what's going on.
4. **Thinking System:** This is the part that helps the robot make choices and think about stuff.
5. **Energy System:** This gives power to the robot. It can be different kinds of power like regular batteries or batteries that can be charged up again.
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