The Happy Cobbler And The Banker

The Happy Shoemaker and the Rich Banker

Once upon a time, there was a joyful shoemaker who spent his days working and singing from morning till night. He firmly believed that money couldn't make people truly happy. He thought real happiness came from being content with what you have.

Now, this cheerful shoemaker had a neighbor who was quite wealthy. This neighbor happened to be a banker. One day, the banker approached the shoemaker and asked, "How much money do you make in a year?" He thought that having lots of money was the key to happiness.

The shoemaker replied with a smile, "I don't really keep track of that. I live day by day and make enough to get by." The banker shook his head in pity and said, "I'm sorry for your poverty. You should try to change your fortune."

The shoemaker chuckled and replied, "I'm content with what I earn each day." But the banker wasn't convinced and wanted to help. So, the next day, he gave the shoemaker a thousand pounds and told him to keep it for any future needs.

The shoemaker was astonished by the large sum of money. He had never seen so much in his life. He wondered where to hide it safely. After some thought, he decided to bury it in a hole inside his small hut. However, that night, worries crept into his mind. He couldn't stop thinking that someone might steal his money, and it kept him up all night.

In the following days, he couldn't focus on his work or get a good night's sleep because he was preoccupied with his newfound wealth. Eventually, he realized that the money had stolen his peace of mind and happiness. So, one morning, he went to the banker's house and returned the money.

From that day forward, the shoemaker continued his simple life, working, singing, and finding great happiness as he had before. The moral of the story is clear: Money alone cannot bring happiness; true contentment comes from within.
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