The Story Of Golden Goose

A long time ago, in a village, there was a poor farmer. He had a special goose that laid a shiny, golden egg every day. The farmer would sell these eggs at the local market, and soon enough, he had enough money to live comfortably.

However, the farmer's wife was very greedy. She always wanted more money and thought about becoming rich quickly. She believed that the goose's stomach was full of eggs and that getting just one egg a day wasn't enough. So, she shared her idea with her husband, suggesting that they cut open the goose to get all the eggs at once.

The farmer was wise and intelligent, and he didn't agree with his wife's proposal. But the wife was determined to have all the eggs, so one day, while the farmer was away in the fields, she took a sharp knife and cut open the goose's belly. To her dismay, there were no eggs inside, and the poor goose died.

When the farmer returned home and saw what had happened, he scolded his wife for being so greedy. From that day on, their life became very difficult, and they struggled to make ends meet. 

The farmer's wife eventually realized her mistake and understood that her greed had brought misfortune to their family. They both decided to work hard and live a more content and less greedy life.
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