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Tisha provides exclusive, top-notch services that delight people and enable progress to reach new heights. Tisha Exclusive is a popular bus service in Bangladesh, known not just by name but by the quality of its service. Travel with Tisha Group for a safe and comfortable journey.

Counters of Tisha Group:

Dhaka Zone

1. Saidabad Bus Terminal
   Mobile: +88 01913-093039

2. Sayedabad, Shamibag, Dhaka
   Mobile: +88 01913-026913

3. Arambag, Shamibag, Sayedabad
   Mobile: +88 02-7195650

Chittagong Zone

1. Boropool
   Mobile: +88 01782-174158

2. Olongkar
   Mobile: +88 01782-174215

Comilla Zone

1. Padua Bazar Vishvarod
   Mobile: +88 01782-174257

2. Laksham
   Mobile: +88 01782-174262

We always strive to provide the most up-to-date information. However, please note that any company may change their counter locations/phone numbers at any time. If any company is misrepresented in our provided information, we sincerely apologize. We seek your cooperation and that of the relevant transportation authorities for ensuring accurate information. If you ever need the contact number of any specific location, please comment below this post. Thank you.

[We do not engage in ticket buying/selling services. Therefore, please refrain from sending emails or comments related to this matter. Thank you.]
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