Completing story: "Grasp All, Lose All " and " Failures are but Pillars of Success"

The Greedy Dog's Mistake

Once upon a time, there was a very greedy dog. This dog stole a piece of meat from a nearby house and held it in his mouth. He decided to cross a river using a narrow bridge. While he was crossing the bridge, he saw his reflection in the water below. In the reflection, he saw another dog carrying a piece of meat too. Because he was so greedy, he wanted to have that piece of meat as well.

The dog stopped on the bridge and looked down carefully at the other dog with the meat. He became even more greedy, thinking about getting that extra piece of meat. He didn't realize that the dog in the water was actually his own reflection. So, he barked at the reflection, and in an instant, the piece of meat fell into the water. The poor dog lost the meat he already had, and despite trying to retrieve it, he couldn't. He managed to swim to the other side of the river, but he was left feeling very sad.

Failures Can Lead to Success

In the past, there was a king named Robert Bruce of Scotland. He fought many battles to win back his country's freedom, but he kept failing. He lost all hope and found refuge in a remote cave. One day, as he lay in the cave, feeling miserable about his bad luck, he noticed a spider trying to reach the cave's ceiling by spinning a silk thread for its web.

The spider tried six times to climb up but failed every time, falling back down. However, it didn't give up. On the seventh attempt, the spider finally succeeded. Bruce watched the spider's determination with great interest. Seeing the spider's perseverance gave him new hope.

Bruce realized that he too shouldn't give up. He gathered his scattered forces, faced his enemies once again with renewed energy, and this time, he managed to defeat them. Bruce learned that failures can be stepping stones to success.
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