Completing story : "Abu Ben Adhem, a Lover of Mankind" and " A Poor Woodcutter"

Abu Ben Adhem, the Kind-Hearted Man

Once upon a time, there was a really good and religious guy named Abu Ben Adhem. He was having a peaceful nap in his room when something surprising happened. He woke up suddenly and found himself face to face with an angel. This angel was busy jotting down the names of people who love God. Abu Ben Adhem, with a hopeful heart, asked if his name was on the list. The angel replied that, unfortunately, it wasn't.

But Abu didn't give up. He kindly asked the angel to include his name because he loved people and cared for his fellow humans. The angel listened to Abu's request, wrote it down, and then vanished.

The very next night, the angel returned. Abu Ben Adhem was filled with curiosity, eager to know if his name had made it onto the list. To his amazement, the angel showed him that not only was his name on the list, but it was right at the top! The angel explained that this was a gift from God because loving and caring for humanity is akin to loving God.

The Struggles of a Poor Woodcutter

Once, there lived a poor woodcutter who had a tough life. He had to go into the forest every day to cut down trees just to make ends meet. Sadly, he often returned home empty-handed. The forest he visited was owned by the government, and they had recently imposed strict rules against cutting down trees. In the past, he had managed to gather some wood with the help of the forest workers, but things had changed.

Even the forest employees were under pressure to follow the new rules, so they couldn't assist the woodcutter anymore. This left the woodcutter and his family in a very difficult situation. He was the only one earning money, and they often went hungry for days.

Eventually, he had no choice but to change his job and become a porter to support his family. Although he was working hard, he still dreamed of finding a better way to provide for his loved ones.
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