Completing story : Dress does not Make a Man Great

Once upon a time in Iran, there was a famous poet named Seikh Sa’adi who the king liked to invite to his fancy gatherings. On one occasion, while he was on his way to the king's palace, the poet had to spend the night at a nobleman's house. He was wearing simple, plain clothes at that time. Unfortunately, the nobleman and his household didn't realize who he was, and they didn't treat him with the respect he deserved. The poet felt quite disheartened by this.

A few days later, the poet decided to visit the same nobleman again, but this time he wore a magnificent and expensive outfit. When he arrived in his fancy clothes, suddenly, everyone in the nobleman's house started treating him with great respect. They even offered him delicious, luxurious food. However, instead of eating the food, the poet started stuffing it into his pockets.

The nobleman was quite puzzled by this strange behavior and asked the poet why he was doing it. The poet replied, "I'm not taking this food for myself, but for my clothes. If it weren't for these fancy clothes, I would have been treated just like I was when I was dressed plainly." This made the nobleman very sad, and he apologized to the poet for his earlier disrespect.
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