Completing story : "A Greedy Farmer" and "The Consequences of Greed /King Midas"

The Greedy Farmer

Once there was a poor man who had a special goose. This goose laid a golden egg every day, and even though the man was poor, he became richer by selling these eggs. However, he became greedy and wanted to be super rich overnight. He thought that if he could somehow get all the eggs from the goose's stomach at once, he could sell them in the local market and become incredibly wealthy.

So, he took a sharp knife and cut open the goose's stomach. To his surprise, he didn't find any eggs inside. Instead, the goose died. The greedy farmer was not only disappointed but also lost his valuable goose forever. Instead of becoming rich, he became even poorer than before. He realized that his excessive greed had caused all of his problems.

The Consequences of Greed - King Midas

Once there was a king named Midas who was very wealthy. However, he was never satisfied and always wanted more gold. He loved gold so much that he prayed to a kind god to give him the power to turn everything he touched into gold.

The god granted his wish, and King Midas was overjoyed. One day, while sitting in his garden, an apple fell from a tree. As soon as he touched it, the apple turned into gold. He rushed to the palace, eager to share his newfound power with his daughter. However, when he hugged her in joy, she also turned into gold. Everything he touched turned to gold, and this made the king very scared and sad.

Desperate to undo his wish, King Midas prayed to the god again, asking to take away his golden touch. The kind god listened and granted his request. Everything returned to normal, and the king realized that his greed for gold had caused him a lot of pain and suffering.
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