Completing story : The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a big, strong lion taking a nap in a cave. Nearby, a little mouse was having a good time playing around. While it was happily scampering about, it accidentally ran across the lion's face. This sudden encounter woke up the lion, who got really mad at the tiny mouse for being so careless.

The mouse got super scared and quickly spoke up, "Oh, mighty king of the jungle, I'm just a tiny creature, and I made a big mistake. Please forgive me this time. Maybe someday I can help you in return."

Hearing this, the lion actually smiled and decided to let the mouse go. 

One night, the mouse heard the lion roaring in distress. It followed the sound and found the lion caught in a hunter's trap made of ropes. The mouse introduced itself and asked the lion not to make any noise. Then, with its sharp teeth, the little mouse started nibbling away at the ropes, setting the lion free.

The lion felt so thankful and said to the mouse, "Even the tiniest creatures can be a huge help to the biggest ones."
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