Completing story : Nobody Believes a Liar

Once upon a time, there was a cowboy who lived in a village. He had a job taking care of cows in a field near a forest, not too far from where he lived. This cowboy, well, he wasn't very nice. He liked to play tricks on people by yelling, "Tiger! Tiger!" He thought it was funny when the villagers rushed to help, but there was no tiger at all. He would just laugh at them.

After a few times of doing this, the villagers got pretty upset with the cowboy. They told him to stop making up false stories and scaring them for no reason.

But one unfortunate day, a real tiger showed up. The cowboy was genuinely terrified and started yelling, "Tiger! Tiger! Help! Help! There's a tiger!" However, this time, nobody believed him because they thought he was just trying to trick them again. Sadly, no one came to help him. The tiger ended up killing some of his cows and, tragically, the cowboy too.

So, the lesson here is clear: we should never make fun of people by telling lies because someday, when we really need help, no one will believe us, and that can lead to serious trouble.
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