King and Salves

Once upon a time, there was a king who was very pleased with the hard work of two of his loyal workers. These workers had been dedicated and honest in their service for many years. The king decided to reward them by granting them their freedom the next day. However, he had one last task for them to complete before they could be set free. He asked each of them to make a rope of any size or length they wished.

Upon hearing this, the first worker thought, "I've always worked hard to meet the king's expectations. Today, I have the chance to decide, so I'll make a small five-inch rope." He made the rope and headed towards the king's palace.

The second worker, on the other hand, considered his years of excellent service to the king and decided to make a long, thick, and strong rope. He didn't want to tarnish his good reputation at any cost.

The next day, both workers presented their ropes to the king. The king examined the ropes and then said, "Follow me." He led them to his treasure room and told them, "Use your ropes to take as much gold as you can, and then you are free to go."

The second worker left the palace with a large amount of gold, thanks to the long and strong rope he had made. However, the first worker could only carry a few pieces of gold with his small five-inch rope.

The moral of the story is: When you put in more effort, you often receive greater rewards.
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