Completing story: An Ant and a Grasshopper

Once upon a time, there were two pals, Mr. Grasshopper and Mr. Ant. These two were quite different from each other. You see, Mr. Ant was a really hard worker. It was a chilly winter day when Mr. Ant was happily checking out his stash of winter food. Just then, a grasshopper showed up and said, "I'm starving, please help me." The grasshopper was asking Mr. Ant for some food.

So, Mr. Ant asked him, "What did you do all summer?" The grasshopper replied, "I spent the whole summer singing." Mr. Ant was surprised, "How could you spend the whole summer just singing? Didn't you think that if you didn't work, you'd go hungry?" The grasshopper admitted, "I'm really sorry for wasting my time. Now I realize what a big mistake I made." But Mr. Ant said, "Poor grasshopper, while we have enough food for ourselves, we can't really help you." He also advised the grasshopper to dance in the winter, since he sang in the summer.
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