Completing story: The Foolish Crow and the Clever Fox

Once upon a time, there was a silly crow who stole a yummy piece of meat. The crow flew up into a tree and perched on a branch, thinking it was safe. Little did the crow know, a clever fox happened to be passing by under the same tree.

When the fox spotted the crow with the tasty treat in its beak, it got a sly idea. The fox decided to flatter the crow with sweet words to trick it into giving up the meat. The fox began by complimenting the crow, saying how beautiful it looked with its shiny feathers and nice beak. The fox went on to say that the crow's beauty was beyond words.

The crow felt so happy and flattered by the fox's compliments that it couldn't help but feel pleased. However, the fox didn't stop there. It slyly added that despite all its beauty, the crow was, unfortunately, not very smart. This made the crow a bit angry. In an attempt to prove its intelligence, the crow opened its beak to caw.

But as soon as it did, the piece of meat fell from its mouth and landed right into the clever fox's waiting paws. The fox quickly grabbed the meat and made a speedy getaway, leaving the foolish crow to realize the consequences of falling for empty flattery.
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