Crow and The Peacock story: Who is the Most Beautiful Bird?

Once upon a time, there was a crow who lived in a big banyan tree. The crow was very black in color, like coal. One day, the crow saw a swan and was amazed by how beautiful it looked. The swan had pure white feathers, unlike the crow's black ones. The crow decided to talk to the swan about this.

The swan told the crow that, in her opinion, the parrot was the most beautiful bird. She explained that the parrot had two different colors, while she only had one.

So, the curious crow went to the parrot and asked about beauty. The parrot replied that the peacock was the most beautiful bird, with its many colors.

Feeling determined, the crow went to the peacock and talked about beauty again. The peacock responded kindly, saying, "My dear crow, you're actually the luckiest bird. You're not trapped like me. I might be beautiful, but I'm stuck in a cage because of it. You're free."

Hearing this, the crow realized his mistake. He understood that he had been foolish to compare himself to others. He thanked his lucky stars for making him the way he was.

The lesson from this story is to never compare yourself to others. Instead, be content with who you are and what you have. It's important to find happiness in yourself without needing to be like someone else.
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