King Cobra and Ants story

Once, in a forest, there was a King Cobra who lived in a small hole near a big tree. This snake had a taste for eggs, lizards, frogs, and rabbits, which made all the smaller animals in the forest very scared of it. This made the Cobra very proud.

The Cobra thought to itself, "I must be the strongest creature in this forest. I am the king here, and all the animals fear me. It's time for me to find a bigger and better place to live."

So, the Cobra started looking for a new home that would match its size and status. Eventually, it found a large tree and decided to make it its new home. However, there was an ant hill near the tree, and the Cobra didn't like it at all.

The Cobra thought, "Why should there be an unsightly ant hill near my royal home?" It hissed loudly, "I am King Cobra, the ruler of this forest, and I command the ants to leave immediately!" But there was no response from the ants.

This made the Cobra angry, and it attacked the ant hill. To its surprise, thousands of ants quickly swarmed the Cobra, biting it all over. The pain was unbearable for the Cobra, and it had to flee.

The moral of the story is: Pride comes before a fall.
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