Two Friends and the Big Fat Bear Story

Long ago, there were two pals living in a village. At the edge of that village, there stood a large forest. One day, these two friends wanted to reach the other side of the forest. To get there, they had to pass through the forest. They knew there might be dangers, so they promised to stick together no matter what.

They began their journey through the forest. After a while, they spotted a big, hefty bear heading their way. One friend swiftly climbed up a nearby tree. However, the other friend didn't know how to climb trees.

Thinking fast, he lay down on the ground and held his breath. When the bear got to him, it sniffed around his ear. Believing the man was lifeless, the bear went away.

The friend who was in the tree climbed down and asked his companion what the bear had whispered to him. The friend responded, "The bear warned me to watch out for friends who aren't true."

Lesson: Learn how to tell real friends apart from fake ones.
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