Dog and The Donkey Story

Once upon a time, there was a dog and a donkey living in a village at a master's house. The dog's job was to protect the house, while the donkey helped carry things to the market. One very hot afternoon, the dog was taking a nap in the cool area under the roof. There were some noises outside, but the dog only briefly woke up and then went back to sleep.

The donkey, on the other hand, asked the dog why he wasn't barking. The donkey thought it might be thieves making noise. The dog replied, "You should focus on your own tasks." But the donkey didn't pay attention. He wanted to help and protect the master from potential thieves, so he started making loud braying sounds.

The master, who was sleeping inside, got very angry at the donkey's noise. He quickly came outside with a stick and started hitting the donkey hard.

The lesson from this story is that it's usually best to concentrate on what we're responsible for and not get involved in things that aren't our concern.
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