Grasshopper and The Ant - Short Story for Kids

Once upon a time, there was a grasshopper living in a field. This grasshopper was not very good at doing things and liked to relax a lot. One sunny day, while an ant was busy collecting food, the grasshopper watched the ant and asked, "Why are you working so much? Summertime is for having fun and playing. Come on, listen to my song and dance with me." But the ant didn't pay attention and kept on working.

When the colder days of winter arrived, the grasshopper had no food to eat. He asked the ant for some food, but she said, "When I was working hard, you were singing. Leave now, there's no food for you." The grasshopper learned a tough lesson.

The lesson is: Put effort into your work today, so you can enjoy the rewards in the future.
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