Lion and Mouse Short Story

Once upon a time, on a really hot day, the sun was shining super bright in the sky. The lion who was the king of the animals found a nice shady spot under a really big tree. It was so comfy that the lion fell asleep.

Right next to this tree, there was a little hole where a tiny mouse lived. When the lion was taking his nap, the little mouse came out of its hole and saw the lion sleeping.

Now, the mouse didn't know how strong the lion was, so it had a funny idea. It wanted to wake up the lion by scampering all over his body, just to have some fun. But, uh-oh, things didn't go as planned. The lion caught the mouse in his big paw. The poor mouse was scared and begged the lion not to hurt it.

Surprisingly, the lion wasn't mean. He let the mouse go. The mouse was super grateful and promised to help the lion if it ever had the chance. The lion found this really amusing because how could a teeny-tiny mouse help the king of the whole jungle?

A little while later, the mouse was wandering around the jungle, and guess what it saw? The same lion was stuck in a hunter's net! Without wasting any time, the little mouse went into action. It chewed and chewed at the ropes of the net until the lion was free.

And so, the story teaches us that showing kindness and being merciful can lead to good things happening.
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