Story of the Fire fly and the Monkeys

Once upon a time, there was a bunch of monkeys living in a deep part of the forest. During one winter, it got really chilly, and the monkeys started feeling very cold. They wanted to warm up, so they thought having some fire would help. Then, one of the youngest monkeys found a firefly that looked like a tiny glowing ember to him. He got all excited and showed it to everyone, saying he found fire. Some other monkeys joined him and thought they could create fire by blowing on it.

Up in a tree, a sparrow was watching these monkeys. It saw them trying so hard but failing to make fire and thought it should offer some advice. So, the sparrow told them, "Hey, you're doing something that won't work. Blowing at that firefly won't make you warm. You're just wasting your time. Instead, you should find a cave or a tunnel nearby where you can be safe from the cold winds."

The monkeys didn't like what the sparrow said. One of the older monkeys got upset and told the sparrow to mind its own business. But the sparrow didn't agree and kept trying to explain that their efforts were in vain.

As the bird tried harder to convince the monkeys, they got more and more frustrated. Eventually, their frustration turned into anger. One of the monkeys got so angry that it grabbed the sparrow and smashed it against a stone. Sadly, the sparrow died in just a minute.

The lesson we can learn from this story is that it's best not to give advice unless someone asks for it.
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