The Eagle and The Crow : Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a crow living in a tree. Every day, he would watch with great awe as an eagle performed impressive actions. The eagle would soar high in the sky.

This eagle had its nest up on a tall mountain. It would swiftly descend from there, catch a rabbit, and then fly back up, all in one smooth motion. The crow was really amazed by what the eagle could do.

One day, the crow got so excited that he wanted to copy the eagle's actions. He flew up as high as he could. From up there, he started to dive down toward a rabbit that was on the ground. He kept coming lower and lower. The rabbit got scared and ran away, but the crow couldn't stop himself. He ended up crashing onto the ground and breaking his beak. He died right away.

Moral of the story: Trying to copy others without thinking can lead to danger.
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