The Kind King and the Greedy Gatekeeper

Once upon a time, there was a king who had given up his position and was no longer ruling his kingdom. He really liked fish and had many small bodies of water, called ponds, in his kingdom, and all of these ponds were full of fish.

One day, the king decided to have a big meal to celebrate his birthday. He told a person who caught fish, called a fisherman, to bring him a large fish from one of the ponds. The fisherman got the big fish and started coming to the king's kingdom. However, when he tried to enter, the person at the entrance, who was responsible for letting people in, stopped him. This person, called a gatekeeper, said that he would let the fisherman enter if the fisherman gave him half of the money he was going to get for catching the fish.

The fisherman agreed to the gatekeeper's demand. The king was really happy to receive the big fish and asked the fisherman how much he wanted for it. The fisherman said he wanted one hundred silver coins. The king was really surprised by the high price, but he told his main helper, the chief minister, to give the fisherman the one hundred silver coins.

When the fisherman got the one hundred silver coins, he told the king, "Your Majesty, I actually have a partner in this deal, and he deserves fifty coins from this payment." The chief minister asked who this partner was. The fisherman explained that it was the gatekeeper of the kingdom. The king understood what was going on, so he gave fifty silver coins to the gatekeeper. After this, the gatekeeper was removed from his job because of his greed.

The lesson to learn from this story is that being too greedy can lead to problems and difficulties.
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