The rabbit and his friends

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit living in a forest. He always had other animals as his companions and got along well with all of them.

One day, the rabbit heard a group of hunting dogs making noise in the forest. He got scared that they might catch him. So, he hurried to a deer and said, "Hey, my dear friend, I just heard hunting dogs in the nearby forest. I'm really scared. You have those sharp antlers, and I think you could scare them away. Can you please help me?" The deer replied, "I'm really sorry, my friend, but I'm too busy to help you right now." Then the deer ran away from there.

The rabbit went to several of his other friends, like the bear, the monkey, the zebra, and even the panther. But they all gave him the same answer. Finally, the exhausted rabbit met a mongoose and shared his sad story. The mongoose said, "Why are you feeling so down? Don't worry. Just come into our burrow and stay there until the hunting dogs go away. You'll be safe there." The rabbit felt relieved and followed the mongoose's advice.

The lesson of this story is: A true friend is someone who helps you when you're in trouble.
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