Two Goats and The Narrow Bridge Story

Once upon a time, there was a nice grassy area. Nearby, there was a small stream. And guess what? There was a bridge that went over the stream, connecting the two sides of the grassy area. Animals liked to use the bridge to go from one side of the grassy place to the other.

One day, there were two goats happily eating grass on opposite sides of the stream. They both wanted to cross the bridge at the same time. But here's the problem: the bridge was only wide enough for one goat. Both goats were really stubborn and didn't want to wait. This made them start arguing. And you know what happened? They both fell into the stream and, sadly, drowned.

Then there were two more goats who also wanted to cross that bridge. These goats were different, though. They were very understanding and patient. They were willing to work together. One of the goats sat down on the bridge, and the other goat carefully walked across the goat that was sitting. Once the first goat was safely on the other side, the second goat got up and calmly walked across the bridge too. Both of them made it across safely.

So, the lesson of this story is that being too proud and stubborn can get you into trouble. But if you're patient and willing to cooperate, you'll usually find a way to succeed and make things work out.
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