Wood Cutter and Water Fairy - Kids Moral stories

Once upon a time, there lived a man who chopped wood for a living. He resided in a small village near a river. He was very poor and his only way of making money was by cutting down trees in the forest and selling the wood. One day, this poor woodcutter went into the forest to gather wood. As he was about to cut down an oak tree, a magical fairy suddenly appeared before him. The fairy asked him to spare the tree, and the woodcutter, being a kind-hearted man, decided not to cut it down and listened to the fairy's plea.

The fairy was very grateful for the woodcutter's kindness and offered to grant him three wishes as a reward. The woodcutter could use these wishes whenever he wanted. When he returned home, he found himself hungry and remembered the fairy's gift. So, for his first wish, he asked for a bowl of delicious black pudding. In an instant, the finest black pudding appeared right in front of him.

Excitedly, the woodcutter told his wife about the fairy's appearance and the wishes, but she was skeptical and didn't believe him. To test whether the wishes were real, she playfully wished for the pudding to stick to her husband's nose. Suddenly, much to their surprise, the pudding stuck to his nose! They tried their best to remove it, but it was firmly stuck. Faced with this situation, the woodcutter decided to use his last wish to solve the pudding predicament. He wished for the pudding to come off, and just like that, it detached from his nose and landed on a plate. Although they had a wonderful dinner with the finest pudding, they had used up all of their wishes in the process.
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