Crocodile and Monkey : Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a Crocodile who lived by a pond with lots of tasty blackberries around it. In those berry trees, there was also a Monkey. The Monkey and the Crocodile became really good pals. Every day, the Crocodile would visit the Monkey and they would both munch on the yummy berries. One day, the Crocodile took some berries to share with his wife.

But the Crocodile's wife, who was pretty greedy, got a strange idea. She said, "You know, if these berries are so sweet because the Monkey eats them every day, imagine how tasty his heart would be!" So, she asked her husband to invite the Monkey over to their place. The next day, the Crocodile went to the Monkey and said, "Hey, want to come to my home for lunch?"

The Monkey was happy to be invited but worried, "How can I come with you? I don't know how to swim." The Crocodile had a solution. He offered the Monkey a ride on his back. They started swimming, but after a while, the Crocodile revealed his mean plan. He told the Monkey, "I'm going to eat you and take your heart."

The clever Monkey thought fast. He said, "Oh dear friend, you see, I actually left my heart up in the tree. Could we go back to get it for you?" The foolish Crocodile believed him and turned around to go back to the tree. As soon as they were back at the tree, the Monkey scampered up and chuckled, "You silly Crocodile, hearts are inside bodies, not on trees!"

Moral of the story: If you try to trick others, sometimes you might end up getting tricked yourself and lose everything.
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