Fox and The Grapes : Popular Moral Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, in a thick forest, there lived a clever fox. One day, the fox felt very hungry. It had an empty stomach and couldn't find any food around. The fox looked everywhere, but it couldn't find anything to eat all day. Eventually, the fox reached a garden.

In the garden, the fox spotted some grapes hanging from a vine. These grapes looked ripe and delicious, and the fox really wanted to eat them. The only problem was that the grapes were quite high up on the vine. The fox jumped multiple times, trying its best to reach the grapes, but it couldn't. The grapes were out of its reach, and no matter how hard it tried, the fox couldn't get to them.

After many unsuccessful attempts, the fox grew tired. It realized that it couldn't get to the grapes no matter what it did. Feeling a bit frustrated and disappointed, the fox decided to give up. As it walked away from the vine, it said to itself, "Those grapes must be sour anyway. If I were to eat them, I might get sick."

Moral of the story: Sometimes, when people can't achieve something they want, they might start saying they never wanted it in the first place.
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