Sheikh Saadi and His Dress

Sheikh Saadi was a really good poet. He liked to wear simple clothes. One time, the king of Iran invited him to his fancy palace, but the palace was very far from where he lived. So, he started his journey to the palace a day before the actual visit.

As it started getting dark along the way, he decided to take refuge in the house of a nobleman. This nobleman didn't know who Sheikh Saadi was and thought of him as just a regular person. Sheikh Saadi was dressed simply at that time and didn't tell the nobleman who he really was. Because of this, the nobleman and his servants didn't treat him with much respect and kindness. They gave him very basic food to eat.

The next morning, Sheikh Saadi continued on his way and reached the king's palace. The king treated him with a lot of respect and even gave him some beautiful clothes as gifts.

A few days later, on his way back home, Sheikh Saadi stopped at the same nobleman's house again, but this time he was wearing the fancy clothes given to him by the king. The nobleman recognized him this time and welcomed him warmly. They offered him delicious and rich food. Sheikh Saadi started putting the food into his pockets, which surprised the nobleman. The nobleman asked him why he was acting this way, and Sheikh Saadi explained that this time his attire matched the respect he was receiving, unlike the last time when he was treated poorly because of his simple clothes. The nobleman felt bad and ashamed for how he had treated Sheikh Saadi before, and he apologized to him.

So, the story teaches us that a person's greatness doesn't come from the clothes they wear, and we shouldn't judge or mistreat someone based on their appearance.
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