The Selfish Giant and The School Children- The Kids Story - Completing Story

Once, there lived a giant who wasn't very nice. He had a huge, beautiful garden with soft green grass and colorful flowers that looked like stars scattered everywhere. The garden was also a favorite spot for many lovely birds that sang sweet songs. It was like a magical playground for the wonderful and innocent school children.

Every day after school, the children would visit the garden to play and have fun. They made the garden even more enchanting with their laughter and games. However, one day, when the giant returned from his friend's house, he saw the children playing and enjoying his garden. The giant was selfish and didn't like sharing, so he got upset and shouted at the kids to leave. He even built a high wall to keep them out and put up a sign saying that no one else was allowed.

This made the children sad, and they stopped coming to the garden because they were afraid of the giant's anger. But nature couldn't bear the giant's cruelty, and something strange happened. The once-beautiful garden lost its magic. The grass turned brown, the flowers didn't bloom, and the birds stopped singing. The giant was all alone and couldn't understand why the garden had become so dull and lifeless.

One day, something incredible happened. The giant heard birds singing and smelled the sweet fragrance of flowers. He couldn't believe his eyes when he looked out of his window – the garden was lush and vibrant again, and the children were playing happily. The giant's heart softened when he saw a little boy struggling to climb a tree. He helped the boy onto the branch, and in that moment, he felt a warm happiness he hadn't known before.

He realized that he had been selfish and mean, and that's why the garden had lost its beauty. So, he knocked down the wall and invited the children back into his garden. The kids were delighted and forgave the giant. They played together, and the garden blossomed once more, just as beautiful as before.

And so, the once-selfish giant learned the joy of sharing and kindness, and he and the children became the best of friends, enjoying the garden together every day.
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