The Smart Vendor and The Cute Little Boy

Once upon a time in a little village, there lived a clever seller. He liked to show off his cleverness when he interacted with the people he sold things to. His job was to sell blackberries in the nearby village and market every day. One day, a sweet little boy bought some berries from him. But the seller gave him berries that weighed less than they should have.

The little boy asked, "Why are you giving me fewer berries than I'm supposed to get?" The seller replied, "Having fewer berries makes it easier for you to carry. Now, give me the money."

The boy put some coins into the seller's hand and left. After counting the money, the seller realized that he had received less money than he had asked for.

The seller shouted, "Hey, hey, you've given me less money!" The boy replied from a distance, "Less money is easier to count, right?"

Moral: Clever people can sometimes be outwitted.
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