Act wisely before you do !

Once upon a time, there was a company that made soap in a big area. The person who owned the company didn't earn much money because nobody wanted to buy the soap. He felt unhappy about not selling much.

One day, the owner of the company had an idea. He decided to send pictures of the soap to many places all around the world. The pictures showed three parts: a dirty cloth, a cloth being washed with soap, and a clean cloth.

One of the workers from a country called Arabia suggested that they should start sending the pictures to his country first. But they didn't know that in Arabia, people read from right to left.

They sent the pictures to Arabia, and soon the pictures were put up all over the country. Many people saw the pictures, but because they read from right to left, they thought they should start with a clean cloth, wash it with the soap, and end with a dirty cloth. So, nobody wanted to buy the soap after seeing these pictures. All the soap was sent back to the company's country. The people in the company were confused about why nobody bought the soap, and they never figured out the answer. This happened because the owner didn't make a wise decision.

The lesson from this story is that when you do something, it's important to make smart choices.
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