How to find line break and carriage return (\r\n) in MySQL - MySQL Tutorial

Imagine you're working on MySQL and you need to write a query to pull out specific records from a column containing text. This text might have line breaks (when you press the "Enter" key) or carriage returns (a combination of "\r\n"). Let's walk through the process with a sample scenario.

To start off, let's create a sample test table with some example data. This table will have two columns: 'id' and 'name'. The 'id' column will store integers, and the 'name' column will hold text values.
    id INT,
    name VARCHAR(100)

-- Now, let's insert some sample data into the table
    (1, 'Aamir\n'),
    (2, 'shahzad'),
    (3, 'Robert\r\n'),
    (4, 'This is \n test');
In the example above, we've created a table named 'test' and populated it with some sample records.

To identify the records that contain line breaks or carriage returns (or both), you can execute the following query:
    name LIKE '%\n%'
    OR name LIKE '%\r\n%';
This query does the trick! It selects all the rows from the 'test' table where the 'name' column contains either "\n" (indicating a line break) or "\r\n" (indicating a carriage return followed by a line break).

By running this query, you'll get a result set that includes the rows with those specific line breaks and carriage returns.

Remember, this is a simple way to identify records with line breaks and carriage returns using SQL in MySQL. Keep in mind that the percentage signs (%) are used as wildcards to match any characters before or after the line break or carriage return sequences.

Feel free to explore further and adapt this approach to your specific use case. This guide should help you find and work with records containing line breaks and carriage returns in your MySQL database. If you need more assistance, MySQL tutorials can be a great resource to deepen your understanding. Happy coding!
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