Prince Survey of jail Story

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a son. The King wanted his son to learn about staying away from doing bad things, so he told him to go to a place where bad people were kept, kind of like a timeout. This place was not like the jails we have today; instead, the bad folks were put into big holes in the ground. People called them criminals, and guards were there to make sure they didn't climb out of the holes.

The prince was a good son and wanted to do what his dad said. He went to the place with the holes and asked the person in charge, who was like a helper to the King, why they had guards when the bad folks were already deep in the holes.

The helper person explained, "Well, these bad folks sometimes help each other to get out of the holes. So the guards are there to stop them from escaping."

After looking around for a while, the prince saw a hole with no guards around it. He got curious and asked again, "Why aren't there any guards for this hole? There are a lot of bad folks in here."

The helper person chuckled and said, "Oh, those folks are from a place called Bangladesh. They're pretty good at looking after themselves, so they don't need guards."

The prince was puzzled and asked, "If they are so good and don't try to escape, why were they put in the holes in the first place?"

The helper person replied, "Well, they do try to escape sometimes. But whenever one of them tries to climb out, the others pull them back down. So, nobody actually gets away."

The King learned about this and thought it was pretty funny. He realized that even though those folks were being punished, they still looked out for each other in their own way. And so, the prince's journey to the land of the holes taught him something about loyalty and teamwork, all in a rather amusing way. And they all lived humorously ever after!
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